I found this wreck in 1995 and for many years we thought it was the Apache, the bell had no name on it and the only clue was the deck machinery built by Alley and Maclellan which in pre internet days led us to various books and the Apache as her deck gear was by Alley and Maclellan. Many years later the Apache was discovered further north her identity confirmed by the bell, so now we had a wreck with no name until further recent diving on the site confirmed the wreck as Enriqueta by the recovery of her builders plate which we had missed all those years ago. If I ever do write the book I will tell the tale of the divers that missed the chance to dive a virgin wreck because I didn’t know what it was and couldn’t guarantee it wasn’t just a pile of junk!… You really couldn’t make that up!

Steamship – Cargo COAL. (LARN). Sank following a collision with the German, S.S. WESTPHAIA – 15 miles SSW Portland Bill. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1911 Appx. C Table 1 p103.


First dive on the Enriqueta


Restored helm


Ships bell

Day of Loss: 11

Month of Loss: 10

Year of Loss: 1911



Approximate Depth: