HMS AMAZON, 1,081 ton Naval Sloop [60M] – Collided with the 420 ton Steamship OSPRAY which sunk off Portland with the loss of 10 lives.  The officer in charge of Sub. Lieut. Loveridge had ordered her helm  put to starboard instead of port, and the vessels collided, the collier being cut in two and sinking immediately.  After picking up 10 survivors AMAZON  was later abandoned and sunk.  There are no GPS marks available for this wreck due to the historical significance of this wreck.  Area is 30 miles of Start Point.  There is supposed to be an archaeological survey of the site.

Refs. LARN South Devon 1866: Lost Ships of the Royal Navy: p118; Devon Shipwrecks 1974: p111 & 247; SRN Vol. 1 p38; PRO: Kew Court Martial 19-21/07/ 1866 & ADM.1/6042.

Day of Loss: 10

Month of Loss: 7

Year of Loss: 1866



Approximate Depth: 60