Motor vessel – Captain George Semison. Cargo COAL – Off Portland Bill. LARN ” The 63 year old master of this vessel was a survivor of 300 wartime convoys through the channel, known as ‘Bomb Alley’. During 250 of these his ship had been under attack, or fired at by German coastal guns or E-Boats. He was torpedoed and sunk in at least three vessels, all of which were small coasters. It is presumed that since she had been sighted on 31/10/1960, 15 miles W of St Catherine’s Point but never seen again, and hatch covers lifebelts etc. were washed up on Portland Bill, that she foundered in the storm with all hands. Interesting story, the only reference however, given by Larn is Lloyd’s Register: 1944-5 No. 79409(L)?

Day of Loss: 1

Month of Loss: 11

Year of Loss: 1960



Approximate Depth: