French liner MEKNES moving wounded troops [60M] – (Clarke: GPS: 50 11.40N: 02 13.80W) & (Detail in LARN) Sunk by German E-Boats. Off Portland Bill. See also Weymouth Library L940.53159.HO.1. & Dictionary of Disaster at Sea: Vol. 2, p464.

A quick look at the “eu wreck register” describes the wreck as follows: “The wreck is upright but in places well smashed. A debris field runs along the starboard side. The port side is more intact. The bow area is complete and leans 30 degrees to starboard. Much of the wooden decking is still in place. Amidships three boilers can easily be seen. Nobody has yet made mention of seeing any of the bridge structure which may be on the seabed. Depth to the seabed is 60m.” The site also has several images of the ship.  The question as to who was the captain of the E-boat that sank the Meknes is apparently answered in Rohwer and Hummelchen’s “Chronology of the War at Sea 1939-1945” which states that it was Lt Klug of the S27. Bernd Klug was born in Barmen on 12th December 1914. He fought in the Spanish Civil War and later commanded the 1st Torpedo Boat Flotilla (1 Schnellbootsflottille). At the beginning of WW2 he took part in operations against the British off Norway, and from July 1941 to June 1944 commanded the 5th Torpedo Boat Flotilla. He was then given a position on the Staff. Klug was responsible for the sinking of many Allied vessels, and was awarded the Knight’s Cross on 12th Mar 1941 whilst a Kapitanleutnant, for operations in the North Sea, Baltic Sea,and the English Channel. He received the Oakleaves to his Knight’s Cross on 1st January 1944 whilst a Korvettenkapitan, and after the war he returned to active duty and achieved the rank of Flotilla Admiral.

Other References:

Information D. Carter.

Day of Loss: 24

Month of Loss: 7

Year of Loss: 1940

Longitude: 50 11.40

Latitude: 02 13.80

Approximate Depth: 60

Aliases, aka: PUERTO RICO