Persian Monarch1200

A 3900 ton steamer ran straight into the Portland Breakwater. She was towed off. (LePard: pages 50 & 51) NIL.

Times: Monday, November 1, 1886, Issue 31905 – The steamship Persian Monarch, Captain Paton, from New York for London, with passengers and a general cargo, including 300 head of cattle, called off Portland on Friday evening for the pilot who was waiting at the entrance of the breakwater. Soon after he boarded the steamer she was about to proceed to sea when she took ground and ran on the breakwater about 9 o’clock. On receipt of the news the tugs Queen and Commodore proceeded to the scene of the disaster, but it being after high water any attempt to get the vessel off was abandoned. On Saturday morning at high tide an effort was made to get the steamer off, but proved futile. The passengers left Weymouth for London on Saturday morning. Arrangements have been made for landing the cattle on the breakwater. Should bad weather set in the vessel will probably become a total wreck. MI. Ship Incident

Times: Tuesday, November 9, 1886, Issue 31912 – “The Persian Monarch, steamer, which had been ashore at Portland was docked safely in the Millwall Dock on Sunday nights tide.” Ship Incident

Day of Loss: 29

Month of Loss: 10

Year of Loss: 1886



Approximate Depth: