Part of the Spanish Armada of 1588, this Man of War (800 tons) was one of the most heavily armed of the ships which acted as the headquarters for the Paymaster. While off Dorset there was a large explosion on board, it was said to be sabotage by a German gunner who had been cuckolded by a Spanish officer. What ever the cause two decks and the stern castle were blown away and possibly as many as 200 killed. The resulting fires were extinguished and the ship abandoned. It was captured by the English and towed into Weymouth where it was stripped of her remaining guns, powder and shot. It was intended to take her to Portsmouth but she foundered on route. Weymouth Museum – LARN has wreck site off Handfast Point. Reference: Spanish Armada by Colin Martin & Geoffrey Parker ISBN; 1-901341-14-3. Also Burnett: p12. Attwooll: p55. See also Morris: p22-23.

Day of Loss: 0

Month of Loss: 7

Year of Loss: 1588



Approximate Depth: