Steamship [52M] (See Clarke: Wreck of the FLUENT.) GPS; 50 21.86N; 02 03.06W. Cargo RAILWAY Rolling stock and Cargo PATENT FUEL. Sank after collision with Norwegian barque NOR?. Ten passengers and crew were drowned. There is confusion here check information. NIL.

2537 tons British Steamship Cargo COAL (& Coke). This is referred to as the name for an unidentified wreck in Dive Dorset Site 213, p155. See also above. NIL. See also Times

Times: Monday, November 5, 1888, Issue 32535 – “Fatal Collision In The Channel: On the arrival, last evening, at Weymouth of two shipwrecked crews, intelligence was received of a disastrous collision which took place about 2 o’clock yesterday morning some 30 miles east-north-east of St. Catherine’s Point, and by which it is feared 22 lives have been lost. The vessels were the steamer Saxmundham, of London, 1,632 tons, from Newcastle to Ancona, with coal and coke, Captain Milne, and the Norwegian barque Nor, of Stettin, Captain Bjonness, laden with petroleum. MMI. Ship Incident Also: Issue 32536 – “Up to 9 o’clock last evening no intelligence had been received at Weymouth of the missing jollyboat with its ten occupants. The following is a list of the 23 missing crew of the steamer Saxmundham, who signed articles at North Shields”:- MI

Day of Loss: 4

Month of Loss: 11

Year of Loss: 1888

Longitude: 50 21.86

Latitude: 02 03.06

Approximate Depth: 52