As much as we are progressing the search for the Hercules we are progressing the story with the fantastic help of Emma Jane Kirby and the BBC. I see this project as four distinct areas 1) What happened leading up to the flight? 2) what happened during the flight? 3) what happened after the flight? 4) Where is the aircraft? Slowly we are edging forward on all fronts and even now we must have the clearest detail ever with regard to what actually happened. It is now noticeable that those who crowed about knowing the full story and acted as judge and jury in fact knew very little and most have gone very quiet. There are however still a few that think the whole thing is a farce and a waste of time and have even accused us of being unashamed self publicists with the sole aim of monetary gain. Nothing much we can do about that sort of twisted thinking other than to prove them wrong which one way or another we will. I guess the biggest surprise of all to me is the way the USAF treated Paul’s wife and family and the way it continues to think about what happened almost as if it had nothing to do with them and the USAF are victims of conspiracy theorists! For a nation that takes pride in bringing everyone home it seems odd that even now the USA are not interested in what happened to Paul Meyer. Not long ago I announced that 2018 would be the year of the plane here at Deeper Dorset and even at this early stage I can now further that and say it will continue through 2019. If we found the aircraft tomorrow it would not be the end of the story, firstly because we don’t know that the remains will tell us anything but leaving it lost at the bottom of the Channel it will tell us nothing but most importantly so much information has come our way that we now have a massive job collating and verifying it all. I remember saying when we set out on this journey we would come at it straight and level, that we will continue to do only with even more vigour because it is now very obvious there is an injustice here that we have to put right.

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    1. I look forward to hearing more news on an interesting story, I remember back in the early nineties chatting to an ex US fighter pilot who living then in the UK told me he took off from Lakenheath in super sabres and that they were ordered to shoot the Hercules down as they were worried that because of his lack of navigation he would head for the the Berlin air corridor and if so where it was easy to stray into Soviet airspace and thus cause a major incident in an already tense cold war.

      1. Thanks for your interest Tony and nice to have you on what is likely to be a very long journey.

  1. I read about this on the BBC site. Interesting. I was puzzled though about the transcript of a phone conversation between Paul Meyer and his wife after he’d stolen the plane. Was there an ordinary phone on the plane and he could ring her for a chat just like that ?

    1. Hi Anne many thanks for your interest. In answer to your question it was possible to patch the aircraft radio into the phone system. Paul had spoken to Jane using this link up many times before even when the aircraft was on the ground at Mildenhall. Others did it to communicate back home and although this was in breach of regulations a blind eye was usually turned in favour of the homesick men.

  2. Fascinating story, the romantic in us all hoped he’d made landfall but the fact the USAF were ‘on his case’ mean a sadder more realistic outcome…… rumours, claims and speculation make for an exciting ‘hunt’ and I wish you well, can’t wait for updates and a successful conclusion for all…. especially Pauls family.

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