Just a perfect day 1

Just a perfect day

The best day this year as we roar out into the channel yet again. We are settling into a routine now scouring the channel looking for what may remain of the Hercules. As the press interest dies and the hard up film production companies have given up ringing asking me to give away everything for … Read Article

Making good progress 2

Making good progress

It has been a little quiet on here of late but that is a good thing as it means we are flat out working on the Hercules project. This is Colin deploying our new secret weapon! More about this at a later date suffice to say at this time it is a game changer for … Read Article


As long as it takes

As much as we are progressing the search for the Hercules we are progressing the story with the fantastic help of Emma Jane Kirby and the BBC. I see this project as four distinct areas 1) What happened leading up to the flight? 2) what happened during the flight? 3) what happened after the flight? … Read Article


Have you found it yet?

As the search goes on for the missing USAF Hercules those words ring in my ears most days now as I walk down the quay. I come out with all the usual lines that we we live and die by here at Deeper Dorset such as “Every day we know where it isn’t we are … Read Article


We won’t miss it!

Whenever we can’t get out on the Hercules search due to fog or traffic and the weather allows we fall back on another area looking for another aircraft which is nowhere near as busy from the point of view of traffic but search wise is just as intense and meticulous. There is absolutely no point … Read Article

Introducing Fat Albert! 3

Introducing Fat Albert!

This is Fat Albert and Simon. Fat Albert is the piece of equipment just in case there is any confusion. The initial sonar target check outs on the Hercules search will be made with Fat Albert our custom built (by us) drop camera system and as I write this Fat Albert is on the way … Read Article

A pleasant change 4

A pleasant change

This last few weeks working on the Hercules project we have had the media all over us. In most cases it has been the usual story give us exclusive access think of the coverage you will get, bla de bla, we have been there so many times over the years, even with the much appreciated … Read Article


I see no ships….

Visibility is our problem at the moment and has frustrated us for a few days in our search for the Hercules. While we have had flat calm conditions the unseasonably warm air over a still cold sea has meant the surface visibility in the middle of the channel has been rubbish or marginal at best. … Read Article