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Moving on

So now we are back in action with Sea Searcher what comes next? Quite simple really we want to find wrecks that are difficult to find hence haven’t yet been found. Anything of any size mostly has already been located but shipwrecks that predate the mid 19th century and aircraft remains sometimes only show inches … Read Article

3D Gallery

One thing Deeper Dorset really wants to achieve is to bring the story of a wreck to life. This is not always possible through photos and video alone, although these are indeed valuable tools for the job. In 2015, we really started to ramp up efforts in this area, and a relatively new (certainly to … Read Article

Professional Publications

Chesil Beach Cannon Site With the help of Grahame and the former Shipwreck Project Wessex Archaeology was commissioned by Historic England to undertake a site assessment of two unidentified wreck sites off Chesil Beach, collectively known as the ‘Cannon Site’.Download publication Brandy Wreck Discovered by Grahame and the former Shipwreck Project the visible site consists … Read Article