3D Model of Dolly Varden

Simon Brown of deep3D has been working hard perfecting 3D imagery and we have been using our very own land based shipwreck The Dolly Varden for practice. If this all works out as we would like we will have a very powerful survey tool which may not be for the purist but is plenty good … Read Article

3D Gallery

One thing Deeper Dorset formerly The Shipwreck Project really wants to achieve is to bring the story of a wreck to life. This is not always possible through photos and video alone, although these are indeed valuable tools for the job. In 2015, we really started to ramp up efforts in this area, and a … Read Article

Image Gallery

Diving This is a collection of photos taken by divers investigating some of the sites we have discovered. A number of these have been taken by professional underwater photographer Simon Brown, who has kindly agreed to let us display them here. Artefacts & Finds We have found many items over the years, here is a … Read Article