Unsung heroes

Although it is my name at the sharp end of Deeper Dorset there is absolutely no way I could do what I do on my own. On the left is Penny my wife the voice of reason and on the right is Paul IT Guru and the voice of insanity! Deeper Dorset could not function without either and there are others to introduce over time. The painting was commisioned at the start of our Kickstarter project to raise funds for the Hercules search and there is a limited print run available for sale all signed by the well known aviation artist Simon Cattlin. We will auction or raffle the painting at a later date to boost funds further but with an insurance value of 2.5K it best not stay here too long coz we tend to be a little clumsy around these parts… The painting depicts Paul Meyer and the Hercules having just reached the coast and as the title “Flying Home”.


2 thoughts on “Unsung heroes”

  1. Simon has done a spectacular Job, I reckon there will be a lot of interest and let’s hope a lot of enthusiastic bidders.

  2. Hard to see just how spectacular the attention to detail is in this photo. Not just the meticulously researched livery and markings, but even the fact that the Brighton piers in the background are exactly as they were back in 1969, and the weather is as close to how it was too. I think the lengths Simon has gone to to produce this is fabulous, it shows a real eye for detail. Even the lone pilot sends a bit of a shiver down the spine when you stop and think about the enormity of what he was doing.


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